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Release Date January 2018
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Clovis: When the Story chooses you

     Sometimes we have very little to do with the stories we choose.  They lie waiting for us and catch us when we are least expecting—a news story, an anecdote from the friend of a friend, a worked piece of stone lying in the dust.

     Then there it is, attached, whispering, demanding attention. Sometimes it's enough to sit and think, sometimes a scribbled note, and then finally, a full writing session.

     That's how Clovis found me. I was returning from a climbing trip in the mountains with the archeologist who would become my wife.  We stopped at a rundown ranch that my friends had bought. We walked down  a dusty two-track and there in the dust was the bottom half of a Clovis point.  

     It was not the elegant black obsidian of which I write, but green, speckled oolitic chert. It was stunning, and took my breath away.  We were standing in the beautiful steppes at the foot of the mountains. I saw the Clovis hunters out in the sage. I saw the successions that followed them. I saw the archeologists searching for them, and I knew that it was my story to write.

Embrace your story,


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Photo - Ken Driese
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Clovis is a wonder of a novel that will dazzle you with its impassioned understanding of archeology, Western landscapes, and human connection.  In Hanna, Jack Clinton has created an unconventional heroine for all seasons, a humane and restless seeker who can master every terrain except that of her own heart.


--Alyson Hagy, author of Boleto

Clovis is a lyrical tale set in the New West where the interests of oil companies clash with the need to preserve and record the artifacts left by long gone inhabitants of the land. In this novel, Hanna and her archeological compatriots are hired by CanAm Oil Company to assess the impact of an oil line on historical native sites. The complex relationships between her and her co-workers fascinate. The lush descriptions of the natural beauty she encounters are seductive. 

—Big Sky Independent Press, 4.5/5 Stars

Jack Clinton’s sense of place and character are impressive.  No one that I have read has nailed the land and people of the Rocky Mountain deserts and basins with his authority.  Clovis is a novel to be savored.

            —Tim Sandlin, Author of Lydia, and The GroVont Trilogy.

I          I couldn't put it down,  I read it in four days.

                                                     -Matt Schrowe

Clovis makes the reader think about what it means to have a meaningful life.                -Tootsie


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